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Annual Renovations

And while some people keep the same furniture and the same look of their homes for 20-30 years, other people make chances every year, some even every month. Actually that is the point of the consumer society, to make us believe that it is most important to follow the actual trends in the interior design. But still, sometimes it is more about the state of our soul, and from time to time we are all willing for changes and something that will refresh our whole being.
Nick and Riley are husband and wife that take renovation very seriously. They regularly want to spice up the way their home looks, mainly replacing the furniture or painting the walls. They simply love giving the house a fresh new look and they don’t mind at all to spend time doing that on their own.
Today is the day chosen by Nick and Riley for making the last renovation of their home. They have to move all of their belongings and start renovating their home. Let's see what are they doing and help them finish the renovation sooner.

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