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Dreaming Awake

Many times when we are in a deep sleep and we dream about something, it becomes hard for us to determine, until we wake up completely, if the dream was just a dream or something that really happened. However, when we wake up, things become clean, even if we are in a doubt for some time.
But Heather's situation is a little bit more complicated. Actually, she is in a very strange situation, in a very strange state of mind. Namely, she really doesn't know if she is dreaming or if the things that are happening to her are real. She is at her property, but everything looks different there. And not just slightly different, but completely different, like it is not the same place anymore. Her home has become a home of witches and ghosts, how crazy is that, right?
Who knows how Heather feels about this situation, but it is definitely hard for her to accept it, no matter if it is a dream or not. She will do anything to get away from this terrible nightmare. Let's see what is going on at Heather's property and try to help her deal with this situation.

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