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Lighthouse Keepers

The sailor Thomas gets to one small abandoned island. There was a storm, and the sailor lost his way. This island seems to be the only safe place around, even though he doesn't know anything about that island and the possible dangers it may hide. Thomas realizes there is a lighthouse on the island, and he thinks that this will be the place where he will hide during the storm that is about to happen. It will keep him safe and dry, so he plans to stay there for a while, to wait sheltered until the storm ends.
The plan of Thomas, the sailor, might sound like a great plan. But it seems that he forgets that maybe this island is not completely abandoned. What if someone on the island or in the lighthouse doesn't like company? Maybe things are not as they seem, at first sight, maybe this island is not the ideal place to stay...even for a while.
Let's see what is hiding in this mysterious island and help Thomas face the challenges that might appear when visiting the lighthouse.

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