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So, we are all aware that robberies, and criminal in general, often happens in dark places, where there isn't too much crowd. In those circumstances, it is much easier for criminals to operate without being noticed by anyone. They can take what they want and go away while the victims notice that they've been robbed after the act, which makes it more difficult for the police, to find out who was responsible for the robbery.
The detectives, Lori, Wayne, and Kayla, come to one of the city cinemas. They are not here to watch the newest movie, they are here because something unexpected happened at the last screening of the film.
Even though a movie theater is not a place usually visited by robbers, this time the visitors of the cinema complained that someone robbed them while they were watching the movie. They suspect that the robbers were more than one, and they were positioned all around the cinema, robbing the common people who enjoyed the movie.Let's see what happened in the dark movie theater and help the detectives finish their job successfully.

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