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Deadly Inheritance

Detective Marie is known for her good work. She is made for what she does - a detective. Marie has always had an eye for detail and can notice things that other people cannot notice so easily. And connecting causal relationships is also a strong point. All this makes her great at what she does.
This time the case Marie is working on involves the murder of a businessman. Detective Marie comes to the factory, which is now owned by the start-up businessman Bobby to find evidence that will help her shed light on the murder. She wants to know more about him and, most importantly, to find out who the killer is. The killer does not have to be someone from his immediate environment, but the experience shows that very often the most difficult conflicts occur with the people who are supposedly close, and they can even end fatally.
But maybe this is not true in this case, we are about to find out very soon.Let's see what happens in the factory of the murdered businessman and try to find a solution to this case.

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