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Mountain Rescue

Daniel, Rebecca, and Sharon are part of the rescue team that works on the mountain of Arilon. There was a notice of a possible danger of an avalanche, so the task of the rescuers is to evacuate the tourists who are in the dangerous zones of the mountain.
They get to one mountain house where there are a few skiers that wait to be saved but the moment when the rescue team comes there, the skiers are not there. Where could they go in the middle of the mountain? The rescue team needs to find out where are they and do something to save them.
Let's look around at what is going on in the mountain and try to find a way to help the members of the rescue team save as many persons as possible. The avalanche is dangerous in any case, so we need to be as effective as we can, and save the situation. Maybe the mountain gives us a lot of enjoyment, nice fresh air and so, but if we don't respect its rules, it can do us harm, that is for sure. Let's start our mountain rescue mission right away.

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