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Declutter Plan

Debra spent the weekend with her nephews. It was a great time spent with them, playing all the time, talking about things, having fun... But people usually don't mention that when you have many kids around, usually the house goes in a total mess. After the wonderful weekend spent with the kids, Debra has to take care of the mess.
Many things are not in their usual place. They are scattered throughout the home, and not to mention that kids do not always want to eat their meals at the table. They may choose to snack on the sofa, or the floor - in the same place where they played... That means that except for the fun, some time needs to be spent on cleaning too.
And to clean a mess faster, it is needed to have a plan. And Debra surely has one. She thinks that she knows the key to how to clean the place in the fastest way, but still, she needs our help. Let's see what is going on in Debra's home. Did those kids make a real mess or they were trying to keep it lean mostly?

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