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Prehistoric Puzzle

Two archaeologists, Karen and Charles, discovered well-preserved dinosaur fossil one year ago, which is now on display in the dinosaur museum in their city. This discovery was a huge deal for the two archaeologists who have devoted their entire careers to researching facts from the Jurassic period.
However, the two archaeologists feel like "small players" in the whole thing, like mediators who accidentally found themselves in the middle of something big, but something that now takes on a different dimension. The idea that they are part of an epoch-making discovery, for Karen and Charles, overshadows the thought that there are behind-the-scenes games and even criminal games, which is not so rare when it comes to archeology and paleontology.
All this time, Karen and Charles doubt that the example in the museum is a very good copy and that the original is offered on the black market. They want to solve this mystery, so they come to the museum in the late hours, when it is closed, to investigate this case.

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