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Vincent is a great adventurer, a true adventurer always ready for new and big challenges. Actually, his cherished passion is discovering and exploring the reach of the undiscovered regions of planet earth. Vincent likes to travel around the world very much, and he is interested in such things. To some, such a way of life may seem tiring, but for Vincent, it is a real enjoyment.
This time, Vincent has chosen a truly exotic place for his next adventure. In fact, this is probably the biggest adventure he has ever had. He arrives in Africa, where he makes the final preparations for his life's adventure. He plans to delve deep into the African jungle in search of the famous civilizations that supposedly lived here thousands of years ago.
You can imagine how big a discovery that would be, but at the same time, you can guess what Vincent will have to face on his journey.The jungles of Africa are not such a safe place to travel and explore, are they? Let's help Vincent in his research.

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