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Destination Unknown

Amber lives in the province, in a small town, and has been taught to live in such a place. The beauty of these places, besides being much cleaner and calmer than big cities is that everything is close to us. To get to a place, it is not necessary to use means of transport, at least not public transport, because there is not so much frequency of movement, and there are not so many people living there.
And those who live there usually go somewhere on foot or in their personal vehicles.With this in mind, it becomes clear how Amber is visiting the big city for the first time today. She also uses public transport for the first time. After a few stops, Amber got off the subway and realized that she was completely lost.
Those points that she thought would show her where she was, she either didn't see them, or they didn't look the way she expected. However, Amber must find a way to reach her destination.Let's see what's going on there and help Amber out of this unpleasant situation as soon as possible.

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