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Snowy Surprise

Betty and Joshua, together with their friends, are great adventurers. She uses every opportunity to visit a new destination and get to know new places. And they always opt for landscapes that are underexplored and offer enjoyment, precisely because of that.
Today Betty and Joshua went hiking with their friends. They had been planning this hike for a long time, and they started to conquer the beautiful mountain full of enthusiasm. And while they were hiking the snowy mountain with their friends, they came upon an abandoned hut. This hut was nowhere to be found on the maps and therefore surprised them greatly. They are very excited and curious about what could be this hut hidden deep in the woods, so they start to investigate it right away.
Betty and Joshua are brave enough to embark on such an uncertain adventure, bearing in mind that they don't know what awaits them, but that's why their friends are here to protect their backs. But that's why we are here, to help them complete the entire mission. Let's see what awaits us in the mountain hut.

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