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Alpine Adventure

It is certainly very difficult to send children alone on vacation for the first time, but gaining trust is something that needs to be worked on before so that when the time comes to take such a step, parents will have much fewer worries. And yes, Amy and Brandon do exactly that, their children are well-educated and know the limits of where they should go when they are without their parents.
However, sometimes unexpected things can happen, even when children, and even adults, do the right thing.Amy and Brandon are too worried. Namely, their children, together with their friends, went skiing in a famous winter center. They rented a cottage for their stay, but the parents lost all contact with them for the last two days.
Because of this, the two parents are very worried and that's why they decided to visit the same place, and to see in person what was going on, what happened to their children. Their relatives and friends have come to their aid, so now together they have started this important search, which they hope will end with a happy ending.

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