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Mall Mania

Carolyn and Janet are two best friends. Among the other things they share, both of them share the same passion, and that is shopping. They love spending time looking at the shop windows and buying new things.
Sometimes there are things they need, but sometimes there are things that have a reasonable price at that moment, or they may need them for some occasion, like someone's birthday or other celebration. If you resonate like that, every day is a good chance for good shopping!Today is one day of the weekend, so the two friends decide to visit the mall near the place where they live. There is a seasonal discount in the mall, so the two friends see a great chance to use the discount on the products.
Carolyn and Janet have a list of necessary products and will try to find them in the local mall. It is time for shopping, so let's take our time and find the listed objects. These friends are experts in shopping, but from time to time, everyone needs some help, right? Let's see what awaits us in the mall.

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