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Sail Away

Sandra and Mark are a young married couple. They are on their honeymoon, spending some wonderful time together and celebrating their love. The two of them decided to go yachting. Sandra doesn't have experience with that, but Mark has, even though he hasn't been sailing for more than five years.
The couple rents a yacht on their honeymoon. They want to see the entire south coast, and the best way to do it is while cruising with a yacht. That way, they will be able to see and visit every place that seems nice, avoiding driving in a car and making stops all of the time. From the water, their perspective will be better, and they will have a chance to see things that can't be seen from other points of view.
Even though Sandra and Mark are relatively prepared for the whole thing, yachting is not an easy challenge to take. It asks for some skills and experience that Mark might have, but he hasn't used them for a while. Let's help them in yachting and make sure they stay away from any trouble while they are in open waters.

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