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Silent Witnesses

Truck driver Russell's body was found a few meters from a small bar in the city. There are indications that it was a murder, so the police were called immediately after the body was found.
Detective Laurie and Officer Mason are already at the small bar where the trucker was last seen. They are there to talk to any suspects and those who might know something about the deceased man, or perhaps be able to tell the cause of his death. Someone may have known him, may have noticed that something unusual is happening... They are here to talk to these subjects and try to find some clues and evidence that can help them solve the case. The witnesses are in the bar, and the investigation can begin, but what if someone tries to hide the evidence and cover up the whole truth?
Let's help Detective Lori and Officer Mason find the answers to their questions and get to the truth about this unfortunate event as soon as possible. It might be an accident, but it might be murder. Either way, the truth needs to come out.

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