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Safari Explorers

Meet Sharon and Gary. Those two are adventurers and love to explore unknown places, but they are in a position to visit some places that are considered dangerous as well. On the other hand, they have explored many jungles and dangerous mountain places but their biggest wish this year was to go on a safari and observe dangerous wild animals up close. Finally, their wish came true, and today they arrived in Africa on their first Safari.
And you can guess what can be found on one safari. Lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and elephant are the so-called Big 5 on the safari. However, we cannot say that the safari is like visiting a zoo. Nature is much closer here, and our adventurers like to see everything in detail, so they may find themselves in a series of dangerous and unpredictable situations. Those circumstances may be well controlled, but we can't control everything that comes from the wild, right?
Let's see what Sharon and Gary expect on their first safari, and be here to help them if they find themselves in any trouble.

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