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Chronicles of the Future

Oh, so many stories around us about the future, but who can predict the future so accurately? Many of those stories talk about life on another planet, Mars, or maybe some other planet, and somehow, those stories seem to be possible. But still, until the future is here, we can not know anything for sure, we can only guess.
And while we imagine our future, Lisa is a girl that comes from the future. She lives on another planet that is inhabited by people coming from Earth. The planet where she lives is named Solara, and people come here looking for a better life. Maybe it seemed good at the beginning, but after a while, Lisa realized that she likes to come back home, to Earth. Actually, she will have to leave Solara, but before she leaves, she has to find some objects that she needs for the long trip.
Let's check out what is happening on the planet Solara and try to find out if life somewhere out of the Earth is possible. Also, let's help Lisa find those objects, so she can come back to Earth without any problem.

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