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Hospital Secrets

Working in a hospital is one of the most responsible jobs there is, both when it comes to patient care and when it comes to the accompanying paperwork. The documentation guides the doctors through the treatments and helps them know how far the healing process is. When certain lapses occur in all of this, then real problems arise. And if those omissions were made on purpose, then someone should bear responsibility.
Inspectors, Amy and Gary arrive at a private hospital to inspect the hospital's documentation. They are doing this because of the recent incidents in this hospital. Namely, in the hospital, due to wrong management of documentation, several patients received the wrong treatment and put their lives in danger. The owner of the hospital denies that and does not admit any guilt.
If the accusation is false, it is harmful to the honest paramedics and doctors, but if it is proven that someone is doing it intentionally, then that someone should take all the blame and bear the consequences. That's why the detectives are here, to find out what it is about.

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