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Glimmers of Gold

Meet Amanda, a young pirate who enjoys her job. You might say being a pirate is not the best job for a woman, but we will say - it depends on the type of woman. Amanda is brave, tenacious, and determined in everything she does, so her profession suits her perfectly.
While sailing on the sea, a group of pirates attacked the royal fleet. Fleeing from the pirates, they hid the valuables and gold coins their ship was transporting in one place. The royal fleet considered this place as a hiding place, but the pirates, on the other hand, quite skillfully followed the fleet and patiently waited for it to leave the place. Pirate Amanda arrives on the scene, and now it's time to begin her search for the valuables.
Let's all see what it's all about now. What is hidden in the place where the royal fleet hid its treasure? Is there something of value, or maybe the pirates have followed the wrong trail? Let's help the pirate Amanda in her interesting adventure and find out what is happening there.

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