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Fairytale Woods

Fairy forest - how interesting that sounds, right? But how many of us have had the opportunity to visit such a forest? Probably no one, of course, if not an ordinary forest bearing such a name. In our game today, everything is enchanted and magical, so yes - there are fairies and trolls here too.
The fairy Patricia and the troll Andrew come to the fairy woods. Many years ago, Patricia's family lived right here. According to claims, many valuables are hidden here, and Patricia wants to find the valuables that belonged to her family. The troll Andrew, on the other hand, is a fan of gold coins, so his goal is to find the hidden gold coins. It seems that the two of them are a good team and together they will manage to find everything they are looking for.
Let's see what happens in the fairy forest and find out how our characters will manage it. They may need our help, but we are sure that in the end, they will manage to find what they are looking for. Let's visit the famous fairy forests together.

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