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Tiny Treasures

Working in the kindergarten is definitely a great pleasure! There is no such a thing like spending the days with those wonderful young persons that sometimes can tell things that are even smarter than things grownups say. Yes, they can be naughty sometimes and besides just playing with them, this work asks for teaching them basic skills in life, which is also a very nice and humane thing.
Sarah is one of the teachers who work in the kindergarten. Her everyday responsibilities are related to the children who visit the kindergarten every day. She loves every part of her work but most of all, she loves making those kids happy. She likes to see their happy faces when they come in the kindergarten in the morning, so now she is looking to find their favorite toys for playing. That's what she does every morning so when they come in the morning, they are very happy.
Let's see how Sarah does her work every day, let's learn some of her teaching methods, but also let's help her find the toys so she can give them to her children in the kindergarten.

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