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Garden Secrets

Helen and Debra have wonderful jobs - they are gardeners. It is a wonderful job that many would like to do, but the question is whether everyone is sure that it involves much more work than watering flowers. Our gardeners know all the steps of the garden care process, that is, they know how each plant behaves under what conditions, what is best for each type of plant, what fertilizer, and how much water.
In addition, they know that despite the theory, each plant should be watched as it tolerates those conditions, and according to the given condition should act in a certain way. All this knowledge, together with their immense love for flowers and plants, makes them so successful in their work.
This time Helen and Debra are called by Mrs. Heather to take care of her flower garden. Their work can start right now, and we are here to help them in their activities. This is going to be a wonderful experience, isn't it?

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