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Gym Quest

In this day and age, the need to lead a healthy life is clear to all of us. If earlier people were more physically active, there were fewer cars, more jobs taking place outdoors, today things are quite different. Today, most of the day is spent in the office, cars are driven constantly because the modern pace of life requires us to be quickly from one place to another, children and young people spend too much time in front of screens - all this makes our bodies suffer.
Hence the great need for opening fitness centers and places where people will have recreation. Marilyn and Beverly work as fitness instructors in one of the city's fitness centers. They have to be the first at work every morning to make sure everything is in order.
They should check if the handles are correct, if each one is in its place, etc., so that when the clients come to exercise, everything is safe and accessible. Let's see what a working day looks like in a fitness center and help our Marilyn and Beverly to do their job flawlessly.

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