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Ancient Treasures

Some people are afraid of new things and feel better when they are in a secure environment where there are not many chances for surprises and unusual things and happenings. They feel best in their comfort zone, unlike other people who are more into adventures and discovering new things. For some people adventure is searching for new and exotic locations from time to time, while others even choose adventures for their profession, becoming archeologists, tourist guides, or even treasure hunters.
Yes, there is such a thing as treasure hunters, and our today characters, Samantha and Desmond, are two experienced treasure hunters. They embarked on a journey to find the treasures of an old and forgotten ancient village. Following their trusty map, they are confident they will find what they seek. Treasure hunters follow those maps, even though sometimes those maps are false, and made to lure seekers on the wrong trail, but let's find out if that is the case this time. This adventure makes us treasure hunters as well, so let's find out something more about it.

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