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Potion Pursuit

Dragons do not exist today but are an indispensable part of various mythologies and stories. Some are good, some are bad, but they always bring fear with their appearance to those who see them. And have you heard of the cave of the red dragon? This cave was not always his. The cave used to belong to one of the greatest wizards ever.
The cave was his home until the red dragon came here and chased the wizard out of the cave. The wizard also prepared his magic potions in this cave, but after the red dragon conquered the cave, the magic potions remained trapped inside.Janice, together with her sister Sophia, arrives at the cave where the red dragon now lives. They want to find the magic potions in the cave, but this is their first time coming here, and they don't know exactly where to look.
Let's see what hides in the cave of the red dragon and help the two girls get the magic potions. But let's try to do all that and remain unnoticed because we don't know how the red dragon will react to a meeting with uninvited guests.

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