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Sunflower Farm

Sunflower is a really interesting plant, a favorite to eat alone or as an addition to other dishes. Everyone loves it, and it is also a healthy food because of its anti-inflammatory effect and the power to reduce the level of bad cholesterol. And, indeed, sunflowers turn constantly towards the sun, but in fact that claim only applies to young sunflowers. Old sunflowers turn east.
Rachel is the owner of a sunflower farm and knows all these facts very well. She also knows a lot more, that is, she knows everything that is needed to run her farm successfully. The sunflower harvest season is near and Rachel has to prepare especially for that event. Let's learn a little more about harvesting sunflowers and help our Rachel harvest.
Maybe this is something new to us, but we shouldn't have any problem if we follow the instructions given by our farmer. Let's do our job as best we can so that in the end, we can conclude that we have had a successful harvest.

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