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Souvenirs Hunt

In addition to regular sunbathing on the beach and swimming, each person is interested in different things when going on vacation. Some people like to explore historical sites and see artifacts; others like amusement parks, and some like shopping. And these things may not be so interesting to us when we are at home, but when we are in a more distant place, everything has a different charm.
Steven, Laura and Sandra are three friends who decided together to spend their summer vacation. Thinking of a suitable location, the three friends decided to visit one beautiful island. This island is specific in that it has small, beautiful maritime towns and some of those towns have their own specificities. She really enjoyed her vacation and visited all the interesting sights.
The three friends will end their stay here one day, so now they are racing to buy as many souvenirs as possible. They want to find souvenirs that in the best possible way describe the cities and the whole island with its characteristics.Let us help them find the right souvenirs.

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