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Game of Suspicion

Do you know how the sport, today known as a sport played mainly by the rich, came into being? Yes, we are talking about golf. Hundreds of years ago, Scottish shepherds who spent hours and hours in the meadows herding their cattle looked for ways to make their days more interesting.
One way was to shoot rocks and stones with sticks, years before golf balls were invented. From such a naïve game emerged this sport which is followed by 450 million fans worldwide today.Today, golfers may still throw stones in the meadows, while golf courses are regularly visited by the wealthy, and these courses have even grown into indicators of prestige. However, what happened this morning on the golf course is undesirable for anyone.
The lifeless body of the wealthy realtor, Justin, was found on the field. Detectives Scott and Nicole arrive at this playground on the outskirts of town to begin investigating this murder. Let's see what exactly it is about and try to solve the case together with our detectives.

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