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Friends Rescue

Helen, Frank, and Raymond are three friends whose gang has several members. Part of them went camping a few days ago. They chose an unknown mountain that was a real challenge for them to conquer. They set up their camp in a certain place and went on a campaign on the mountain. However, something unexpected happened on this whole adventure.
Namely, all traces of the friends who are in the mountain are lost. Helen, Frank, and Raymond try to get them but can't and are very worried. They suspect their friends may have gotten lost in the mountains, so they decide to come to the place where their friends have set up their camp, to find out what happened to them and rescue them.
The situation is delicate and therefore should be handled very carefully. It is necessary to plan precisely what will be done and to search as large territory as possible.Let's help our friends in this tricky situation. Let's explore the whole landscape and get into action with them.

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