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Rural Riddles

Farmer Charles comes to visit his friend, farmer Stephen. The farmers have been friends for years. They share knowledge about their work, which they know very well, but they also socialize a lot. In addition to farming, the two friends, Stephen and Charles, have some other qualities. So, for example, the farmer Stephen, among other things, is also a master of creating riddles.
His skill is truly amazing. Most people know how to solve these puzzles, but creating a puzzle can be a real art and requires a sharp mind and the power to notice the relationships between objects and phenomena. For this occasion, farmer Steven prepared some riddles for his friend, purely for fun, but also for a little training of his brain.
Let's see what kind of riddles we are talking about and maybe we will be able to solve them and help farmer Charles. These rural puzzles will be interesting for us, so let's not waste time and indulge in the fun.

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