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Witching Moonlight

Some strange things have been happening for some time in the village where Evelyn's grandmother lives. This village has been under the rule of a wicked misbehaving witch for several years now. As in almost every village, the main work that the villagers do is working in their fields.
The fields are their way of livelihood, considering that they later sell their fruits and thus earn a living. This evil witch is playing with the basic livelihood of the villagers. She intimidates people and steals all the fruit from their fields. They have neither for themselves nor to sell.
Evelyn knows the solution to this situation, but it will take some effort. If she comes to the village when there is a full moon and if she manages to find the witch's personal belongings and spray them with the wizard Walter's magic liquid, the witch will leave the village once and for all.Let's see if this is the case and if the witch will leave the place that has been threatening her for years.

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