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Realm of Wizards

Welcome to a wonderful world. It is a world of great wizards, a world of magic and fairies. A world where many unusual things happen, some of which will leave you breathless. But we know that your adventurous spirit and enthusiasm will take you through to the end of this game, as always driven by your curiosity.
At the very beginning, meet the forest fairy, Beatrice. She arrives at the estate of the great wizards with one big and serious request. Namely, she lives in the fairy forest. The forest is currently under attack by the dark forces of vampires who are getting closer to conquering it. However, the help of wizards cannot be obtained just like that. Beatrice first has to earn their trust by having to complete several tasks.
The tasks of the wizards are not easy at all, so our fairy Beatrice will need some help. Let's see how things unfold in this magical world and try to get Beatrice the help she needs from the wizards.

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