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Lumina Glade

When it comes to our loved ones, we are all ready to do miracles for them to be well. Ever since we were little, we have heard stories about brave people who are willing to climb mountains, and swim across rivers and seas, only to find some magical potion that will save their beloved ones. And this is true, not only in the stories.
Our story today, our game, is similar. In it, you will meet Countess Barbara who arrives in the magical village of Lumina Glade. Barbara's mother is sick, and it is believed that this village hides several magical items that can help Barbara in curing her mother. Countess Barbara is greeted by Sarah who lives in the village and asks her to help her in the search for the magical items. Sarah knows a lot more about this area because she has lived here since she was born, so she will certainly be of great help to Barbara.
Let's see what it is about and, together with the two girls, look for the magical items that can help Barbara's mother in her treatment.

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