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Secrets in the Boxes

When we hear that someone is moving to a new house, we usually wish them the best in their new place and only look at the benefits of the move. And, of course, it should be like that because people usually move for the better unless they run away from something or someone forces them to leave their comfortable homes.
However, the whole moving process has one not-so-interesting segment, or rather, not-so-easy segment, and that is the moving process itself. In case you haven't done it before, imagine how many clothes are hiding in your closets, how many household items you have everywhere in your home, and countless other little things that don't belong in any other category. And to pack all that takes numerous boxes, hours of packing and transporting things, then unpacking and stacking again. Not forget about all the items bought for the new home.
Diana is right in the middle of something like that. She and her husband have moved into a new house and now have to unpack their belongings and settle into their new home. They need our help in all of this, so let's not waste a minute!

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