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Haunted Hideaway

Each of us has a way of gaining strength and energy to overcome everyday obstacles. Some of us find our peace in nature, some want to be alone for a while, others want to go out, somewhere at night, and have a good time, or maybe visit some exotic location. Different people charge their batteries differently which is understandable because we are all different.
Charlotte is a witch, one of the good ones, of course, but she, like all of us, needs to "charge her batteries" from time to time. She occasionally comes to the ghost village to find valuable items that will give her extra power. These objects are her source of new and additional energy; something that makes her stronger and more capable of facing everyday obstacles.
She has been coming to this village since she was a child, although she is aware that the village is haunted by ghosts. However, she has the amulet that helps her face the evil spirits and has found a way to deal with them, no matter the circumstances.

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