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Spooky Decoration

Each of us experiences the Halloween holiday differently. Some ignore it and don't want to give it more importance, while some of us are still children at heart and want to do everything to celebrate it properly. Maybe it doesn't include going door to door and shouting Trick or Treat, but sometimes it means a lot more like decorating the yards, preparing all kinds of cakes and other meals in the spirit of Halloween, masquerading in handmade masks that took hours, and hours of work. ..each to his own.
Every year for Halloween, Steven tries as hard as he can to decorate his house. The reason for this is that every year for this holiday, his grandchildren come as guests. Children are excited about the holiday, but everyone enjoys it and loves to dress up, so it's a wonderful party for all ages.
Let's see how the preparations are going and help Steven decorate his house for Halloween. Maybe we can use something as an inspiration for our Halloween celebration too, so don't waste our time, the holiday is very near!

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