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Creepy collectibles

Meet our Emily. Our main character for today is a girl who has a fascinating hobby that she only practices during a certain time of the year - the Halloween holiday. Namely, Emily likes to dress up during the holiday and walk around the city where she lives. She likes to be seen because she spends a lot of time making masks, but there is something else connected to this holiday that is especially important to her.
Emily is an avid collector of spooky items and has quite a collection. And when can you find scary items if not for Halloween, so she is willing to walk the city in search of such items for her collection? These objects are everywhere, you just need to open your eyes well and pay enough attention and they will be found.
Let's help Emily find the necessary items and see what can be found on the streets of the city during the holiday. There will be many scary items, that is for sure, but let's don't get scared, just curious, all right?

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