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Poisoned Chalice

He who is in power must always face threats of all kinds. Sometimes those threats remain threats, issued to scare the one in power, but sometimes the threats become reality and can even end fatally for the one affected by that threat. In this case, we have the king himself, who, despite always having many people looking after his safety, was the victim of an assassination attempt. The culprit must be someone in his ranks, someone who is considered his confidant, but who could it be?
An assassination attempt on the king's life unfolded when the chalice, from which he savored his wine, concealed a deadly poison. Now, Sir Lancelot and Lady Seraphina embark on a determined quest to unveil the identity of the cup-bearer responsible for the treacherous act, for the fate of the realm hangs in the balance, and the culprits must be brought to justice before darkness descends upon the kingdom.
Let's join the search for whoever is responsible for this act. This is a really serious crime, and it must be brought to light immediately to prevent something like this or something similar to this from happening again.

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