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Factory of Secrets

There is a place, an old, forgotten, and closed factory, that seems to hide countless secrets. No, it is not some magical place from which we can learn something, but simply, it is a place that is a gathering place for a series of criminals. They come there and hide, forge plans for new criminal acts, and so on, but let's start from the beginning and the basis of the whole story.
It seems that everything revolves around the rich Andrew, the owner of the now-closed factory. The factory is his, and there is a criminal case directly connected to him - the mysterious disappearance of his brother, Brian. To this day, nothing is known about it, and no one can find Brian yet.
There are so many things that need to be investigated regarding the closed factory of secrets and, of course, Brian's disappearance. Therefore, Detective Susan and police officer Paul are coming to the factory today to find out more about what is happening in this place. Susan believes that she will be able to find enough evidence to shed light on this case.

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