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Labyrinths of Morocco

Have you ever visited Morocco? It is a truly exotic country full of mystical beauties, distinguished by its Berber, Arabian, and European cultural influences, but also extraordinary architecture, known worldwide for its specificity.
Amanda and her boyfriend, Nicolas, are in Morocco for the first time. Both of them are fascinated by the impressive buildings and colors that characterize Morocco, and thus, walking enraptured, they get lost in the small streets that resemble real labyrinths. Fortunately, they meet Salma who lives in Morocco, and these mazes are her everyday life. She is here to help them get out of the small streets they are stuck in, but also to introduce them to the beauties of Morocco.
Let's take an unforgettable walk through the streets of Morocco, getting to know a new interesting culture. If we get lost in the streets, we have our Salma, who will show us the way, just like Amanda and Nicholas. Our walk can start immediately.

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