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Rails of Suspicion

Unfortunately, once again, we are faced with solving a case that involves a murder - criminals are tirelessly doing their job. However, the good thing is that we will do our best to catch whoever is responsible for the murder and solve this case.
It is about the murder of Justin, who was a famous banker and collector. With that alone, we can immediately assume he was the target of criminals who would benefit from his liquidation. Detective Catherine, who currently arrives at the train station in her city, is in charge of this case. She has information that the suspect in Justin's murder is hiding somewhere here. Her task is to find clues and evidence that would lead her to the suspect, and we are here to help her in her investigation.
Let's explore the train station together with our detective in search of something that would lead us to the suspect in the case of the murder of the banker Castin. We will be cautious because clues can hide where we least expect them.

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