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Ancient Metropolis

Laura is not a princess, but she is very familiar with the lives of the royals because she is the best friend of Princess Samantha. They have been friends for a long time and are very close, even though Samantha is a princess. Samantha never put her title before her friendship, so the two of them always helped each other and were equal in everything.
Princess Samantha is moving to a new palace these days. All this is very interesting, she is excited to live in a new place and can't wait to move into the new premises of the palace. However, during the process of moving to the new palace, some of the princess's valuables were lost. Laura has a task to help Samantha find these valuable items.
Let's join this royal adventure and help these two girls in their quest. This will also be a really interesting walk through the royal chambers, from which we will learn something more about the life of the princesses. We can begin our search right away.

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