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Enchanted Secrets

Genetics is a strange thing. From our ancestors, we can inherit all kinds of things, and all kinds of abilities, some of which we are proud of, and some of which we wish we had not inherited.
Amy is a girl who has special, magical powers. She has inherited these powers from her grandmother and knows how to handle them. However, although inherited, these powers need to be nurtured to remain what they are. For that reason, Amy comes to her grandmother's village. This is the village of wizards. For Amy to continue to be as powerful as her grandmother, she must find magical items from the village that will further increase her power. This mission will not be easy at all, but we are all aware that not everyone can have such powers and Amy needs to work hard to keep them.
Let's visit the wizarding village together with Amy and find out what is hidden in this strange village that is not at all like the villages we have seen and visited before.

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