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Flames and Finds

Today, a fire broke out in one of the houses in the suburbs. The fire service arrived at the scene of the fire very quickly and immediately started extinguishing it. Firefighters are fighting the fire, but there are also police officers on the scene because there are certain things that indicate the fire may have been arson.
Detective Kenneth, Detective Joshua, and Policewoman Carol are currently on the scene. Firefighters are still battling the blaze, but Joshua suspects the fire was set on purpose. Joshua, together with Kenneth and Carol, will try to find enough evidence about who is responsible for the fire, and who started it.
Let's investigate the scene together and see if we can find evidence that points to a criminal case and will lead us to whoever is responsible for the fire that engulfed this house. We work with real professionals, so it is more than certain that success in all this will not go away. Let's begin our investigation right away.

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