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The Horse Thief

Thieves are ready to steal, even some things that may not seem bulky and that we think cannot go unnoticed. Car thefts are perhaps more common, or we hear about them more often, but there are also animal thieves, or as in our case, horse thefts.
Edward is an exceptional horse lover. He has several horses in his stable, horses with significant pedigrees that stand out for their incredible beauty and extremely strong genetics. It would also mean that Edward has expensive horses in his collection, so it is not surprising that someone would have the courage to steal one of his best horses. A thief can get a great price for this horse on the black market, which is probably why he took such a big step.
Rancher Edward noticed that one of his best horses had been stolen this morning. He is very worried and wants to find out where the horse is, as soon as possible. Let's join the search and help Edward find enough evidence that will lead him to find out who stole his horse.

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