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Do you believe that the value of the book is priceless? Huge gains from reading quality books. Our spirit is refined, our vocabulary becomes much richer, we become aware of new concepts of thinking, we get out of the worldview that sometimes keeps us locked in a comfort zone, and many other things. While we can get this from a book that costs only 2-3 dollars, there are books whose value is very high but literary.
Detectives Susan, Paul, and their team arrive at the house of the famous book collector Andrew. He is a collector of books in whose collection you can find really rare books, books that are very old and exceptionally preserved, books that originate from extinct civilizations, and the like.
It's a shame that Andrew's fortune became the target of thieves. Namely, several rare and precious books were stolen from Andrew's private collection. The masked thieves injured Andrew during the drive and managed to steal his valuable books. The detectives have the task of discovering the identity of the thieves.

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