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Hidden Belongings

Graffiti is one of the most beautiful decorations of big cities, although they are part of alternative art that goes against the rules of mainstream culture. Real graffiti artists respect the rules and put their artwork only where it should be, on selected places and walls, but there are also certain rebels who, driven by the desire to express their revolt against a particular segment of society, decide to put their signature in prohibited places.
That is why they are often the target of the police, but they also threaten the reputation of street artists who take care of the environment. And that in both cases, we are talking about really talented people, is a fact that cannot be disputed.
Helen is part of an artistic group that draws graffiti around the city. They often get chased by the police, but they manage to hide. In the morning, the police noticed her friends who were drawing graffiti, so they ran away but managed to hide their sprays and personal items. Now Helen has the task of finding the items without being noticed by the police.

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