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Garage Conspiracy

The trade-in of stolen cars is a serious crime that has been around forever, and even though it is a crime, it still requires serious work to make it all work. Imagine how difficult it would be to steal something as big and bulky as a car, take it to some secret location, and then work on modifying that car completely so that it is unrecognizable and resold to someone. The work is huge, but the earnings after selling something obtained "without money" are also huge.
The detective trio Mark, Sandra, and Donald arrive at the garage where, according to information from their secret source, are taken the stolen cars. In this place, the cars are repainted and resold. There is a talk about some elaborate scheme, made up of car thieves and mechanics, who work together and make money out of nothing.
The detectives have the task of finding enough evidence for this case and proving that these suspicions are true. Let's see what's going on, and help the detectives finish their work faster.

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