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Glamor Quest

Beauty has always been something that every person wants to possess, regardless of how we perceive it. Some people are more about inner beauty and constantly work on themselves, improving themselves in all possible fields and working on building a good personality, while others are more focused on outer beauty and the ideal of eternal youth, so the focus here is on using different methods for beautifying, visiting beauty salons, fitness, following fashion... However, it would be best if there was a bit of both, right?
And precisely because of that constant beauty trend, beauty salons are one of the most visited places. Karen knows this best, having worked for years in one of the most famous beauty salons in the city. She has many important clients scheduled for today.
Karen panics because it's about celebrities. She needs to prepare and find the necessary items. Visiting such an important client can be a step towards getting more clients like him, so everything must go well.

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