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Town Market

People who live in the big world capitals may not even know about the beauty of the local markets that can still be felt in some smaller places.
Globalization has brought some benefits, it has brought us large chains of markets in every city, but we have forgotten what it is like to buy goods that are products of local production, of local farmers.Evelyn is visiting her grandmother who lives in a small town in the west of the country. She is delighted with this visit, and the thing she is most delighted with during this visit is the open city market. She visits the market for the first time and is amazed by the fresh fruits and vegetables here.
Evelyn is tasked with finding all the products her grandmother needs to prepare Sunday lunch, and it looks like this shopping spree is going to be a real treat for Evelyn.Let's see what can be found at the local outdoor market and help Evelyn find the groceries she needs.

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